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Meet the latest formulation trends with innovative Lipex SheaClear™, Lipex SheaLight™, bioactives and more.

The trend for oils as part of one’s daily body, face or hair care routine continues. Skin produces sebum, a natural emollient, so it responds well to oil formulations for treating dehydration, dryness, lack of elasticity, and even excess oiliness. Both Lipex SheaLight, our state of the art emollient ester, and Lipex SheaClear, our new clear liquid shea oil, can help you to meet this and other current trends. Discover how by trying these formulations for innovative sun, face and hair care.

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Body Care

Everybody needs body care, and every body and age has its own special needs.

AAK Formulation Lotion Every Body

Moisturising lotion for every body

Suitable for men and women in a broad age range. For use on entire body including hands. Contains Lipex L’sens for instant moisturisation and skin smoothing effect.

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AAK Formulation Lotion Seniors

Moisturising and smoothing lotion for seniors

Rich lotion that effectively moisturises rough, dry and even flaking mature skin. Leaves distinctive layer, softening and smoothing the skin. Includes actives to reinforce the skin barrier.

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AAK Formulation Cream Babies

Calming and soothing cream for babies

Barrier forming water-in-oil cream with 10% ZnO. Calming and soothing. Designed to spread easily and evenly along child’s body contours without white layers.

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Clear oils

Discover what clarity feels like with Lipex SheaClear™, a unique clear liquid shea oil that enables you to create completely transparent formulations.

AAK Formulation Body Mix

Pampering Dry Oil Body Mist

Light as a feather, this mist locks in moisture, soothes dry areas and improves skin comfort. Can be used after showering as alternative to traditional body lotion.

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AAK Formulation Beard Oil

Scruff Beard Oil

A light formula rich in shea unsaponifiables. Softens and conditions facial hair and underlying skin, and contributes to a more stylish and manageable beard.

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Sun care

With everyone talking about sun protection and the climate, there’s never been a better time for creating sun care products that are also better for the planet.

AAK Formulation Sun Care Oil

Sun Care Oil SPF 30

Light, easily absorbing oil that spreads evenly without tackiness or oiliness. Leaves skin soft and protected against UVA and UVB. Best used in sprayable form.

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AAK Formulation Sun Care Lotion

Sun Care Lotion SPF 30

A low viscous dispersion for face/body with minimised ghosting effect and tackiness. Carries both organic and inorganic UV filters solved and dispersed in Lipex SheaLight.

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AAK Formulation After Sun Spray Oil

After Sun Soothing Spray Oil

Light, silky sprayable oil enriched with Lipex PreAct to calm skin after tanning, and with Lipex SheaTris to stimulate skin defense and renewal.

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Face care

Lipex SheaLight™ is ideal for creating everything from velvety smooth, skin indulging moisturisers for day and night, to meltingly soft make-up removers.

AAK Formulation Cleanse-off Oil

Cleanse-off Oil

Formulated with Lipex SheaLight to effectively loosen and remove make-up from the skin. Apply on fingertips, massage into the skin and wipe off.

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Formulation Night Recovery Oil Drops

Night Recovery Oil Drops

Light and easily absorbing complement to night cream. Enriched with bioactive shea tritetpene esters as well as essential fatty acids of evening primrose. Lavender oil for relaxation.

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AAK Formulation Light Day Cream

Light Day Cream

A fresh, light day cream featuring light skin feel and slow absorbency upon application. Spreads easily, bringing a powdery, silky skin feel. Intended for young skin.

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Hair care

Create stunning new products to improve shine, help soothe a dry scalp, or leave hair feeling silky soft and looking healthier.

Formulation Moisturizing Scalp Serum

Moisturising Scalp Serum

An elegant, moisturising, well spreading massage cream based on natural lipids intended to relax stressed, dry scalp.

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Formulation Hair Oil

SheaClear Hair Oil

Clear, super light hair treatment for satiny feel and natural shine. Applied before shampooing for conditioning, or on dry hair to smoothen, detangle and reduce flyaway.

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Formulation Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioner

Formulated to detangle, hydrate and protect hair, this easy combing leave-in conditioner is intended to tame frizz, control hair volume and protect against external stress, restoring the hair’s natural beauty.

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