AAK Personal Care announces a new distribution partnership with Cosmotec in Brazil

AAK Personal Care has entered an agreement with Cosmotec to distribute its
LIPEX® range of sustainably sourced, plant-based emollients in Brazil. The new
partnership comes into effect on August 1, 2021.

The natural segment of the Brazilian beauty industry continues to grow as consumers actively
seek personal care brands and products that demonstrate sustainability credentials. AAK
Personal Care is one of the leading suppliers of sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients
for the cosmetics industry, offering technologically advanced solutions to drive increased use of
natural ingredients.

“The addition of the AAK Personal Care range is very complementary to our product portfolio
and strategy, where sustainability is one of the main drivers,” explains Leandro Soncini,
President and Chief Operating Officer of Cosmotec. “We are one of the leading suppliers of
specialty raw materials for the personal care industry in Brazil, and the AAK Lipex range offers
valuable new tools for formulators to develop natural and more sustainable skin and hair care
products that also deliver on performance.”

“We believe the appointment of Cosmotec will strengthen our position in the Brazilian market,”
says Minna Dam, Global Business Director for AAK Personal Care. “Cosmotec has a strong local
presence, comprehensive logistics and a knowledgeable staff. We are looking forward to
working closely together to bring innovative and more sustainable natural-based ingredients to

AAK Personal Care products are distributed worldwide.

For further information on the Cosmotec partnership contact:
Jean-Baptiste l’Hôte, International Sales Director, AAK Personal Care
Email: jean-baptiste.lhote@aak.com
Telephone: +46729626468