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We invite you to discover these six face-pampering steps and formulas featuring our multi-functional emollient ester Lipex SheaLight and other natural based functional ingredients.  We hope they will inspire you to create next-generation skin care delivering Asian lightness and functionality, along with more care for our planet.

morning cleansing

Our Pure Start Dual-Phase Cleanser merges the freshness of water with purifying oils, for gentle and effective removal of excess sebum and any remaining makeup. It leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and ready for the next steps – a great start to the morning or when freshening up later in the day.

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nourishing & replenishing

Essences, serums and ampoules are used to quickly deliver hardworking active ingredients deep into the skin. Moisture Surge Watery Essence is a light emulsion that delivers a flash of moisture and vitamin C. This watery formula erases dullness and helps to achieve deeply hydrated and radiant skin. Its very light and cooling texture is absorbed directly, providing instant hydration, delivering protective hyaluronic acid, and stimulating gradual replenishment of collagen. Leaves skin supple and satiny with no signs of shine.

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moisturising, anti-ageing & smoothing

Multi-Action Face Cream SPF 15 demonstrates a holistic approach to daily skin care by combining deep moisturisation with anti-ageing, UV protection, skin brightening and elasticity enhancing actions. Combined hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients help restore natural elasticity and tone as well as prevent skin darkening, contributing to brighter, even skin tone. Absorbs quickly, leaving a smooth, dry and satiny after feel.

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correcting & protecting

Our very light Superfluid Correct & Protect BB Cream combines the forces of lipophilic and hydrophilic active ingredients to hydrate, smoothen, protect and correct skin, as well as to reduce pore size. It also boosts the activity of Moisture Surge Watery Essence and Multi-Action Face Cream SPF 15 in steps 2 and 3, particularly anti-ageing activity. Blends effectively with skin tone for sheerer coverage, delivering natural skin texture with a matte finish and a light, powdery feel.

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evening cleansing

Evening Light Cleansing Emulsion has a milky, rich and silky smooth texture that effectively purifies skin from daylong exposure to impurities and removes all makeup, including waterproof mascara, without dehydrating the skin. It also detoxifies skin from free radicals and supports antioxidant defence. It is most suitable for end of day use as it effectively prepares skin for night care creams or our Sleep Solution Night Mask. Skin feels fresh, soft and ready for the final step in your routine.

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overnight restoring

Skin loses a lot of water during sleep. Our light Sleep Solution Night Mask creates a seal on top of the skin that makes anything underneath it penetrate better. Quickly absorbed, it creates a dry but perceivable layer on the skin that will not smear on pillows. The mask not only helps to restore natural skin moisture, but also balances skin and promotes skin renewal overnight, accelerating skin barrier recovery. Pudding-like in texture, it is pleasant to apply and creates a satin finish. In the morning the skin feels soft, smooth and glowing.

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