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Ingredients are the prime consideration when purchasing products for textured hair and 54% of consumers cite shea as their first choice
Source: Phoenix Marketing International


Treating textured hair to a good hair day


Three ‘shea-licious’ formulas for you to try


Highly stable, sustainable and mild emollients

NEW study

shows superior wet combing force reduction of AAK emollients

‘Cuz it’s all about them curlz!

Curls come in all shapes and sizes and often behave like rebellious teens. Curly hair is also more prone to dryness, tangles and breakage, making it more fragile than straighter hair. So for people with wavy or curly hair, a good hair day often involves rituals for taming, defining, moisturising and fighting frizz. That’s why these consumers spend 20% more on hair care products as they actively seek out specialised formulations that are safe, natural and proven effective, just like the ones below. Go to formulas

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Formulas to treat, protect and enhance

Try these natural formulations, each designed to treat specific hair care needs.

Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment (Rinse-off)

Detangle, smooth and add body and bounce to both natural and processed hair through a blend of AAK emollients that delivers excellent wet combing force reduction and delightfully creamy aesthetics.

Curl Defining Styling Cream 

Tame, define and moisturise curly or kinky hair with a blend of AAK emollients that adds body, reduces frizz and keeps individual curls intact for a beautifully sophisticated result.

Lightweight Wave Defining Cream 

Shape, smooth and moisturise wavy or curly hair with a blend of AAK emollients that makes hair feel smooth and weightless without the use of silicones.

AAK emollients: ‘A curl’s best friend’

Our superior emollients are highly stable, sustainable and mild. Better yet, they’ve also been shown to outperform synthetic and placebo benchmarks at reducing combing force and breakage when hair is wet and most vulnerable. Together they offer versatile combinations for taming textured hair. Discover their full formulation benefits when creating weigh-down/anti-frizz conditioning and styling formulas.

Lipex L’sens™

INCI (EU): Soybean Glycerides (and) 
Butyrospermum Parkii Butter Unsaponifiables

Highly polar, semi-solid soft emollient

Main action: wet detangling, moisturising, texturising

  • Excellent in vitro wet combing force reduction and detangling properties
  • Offers lanolin-like properties which can be a benefit when formulating specialised styling and treatment products for textured hair
  • Ideal for creating natural conditioning hair and scalp treatments
  • Combines well with surfactants and natural emollients and emulsifiers

New study!

Lipex L’sens™ and Lipex SheaLight™ effectively reduce wet combing force.

New study - Table

Lipex SheaLight™

INCI (EU): Shea Butter Ethyl Esters

Unique, high spreading, low viscosity emollient ester

Main action: softening, lightweight, silky feel

  • Excellent in vitro wet and dry combining force reduction
  • Suitable for cold processing, sprayable and clear formulations
  • Low interfacial tension contributes to improved spreadability
  • Eco-designed and biodegradable

Lipex SheaLiquid™ TR

INCI (EU): Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (or) 
Butyrospermum Parkii Oil

Fluid shea oil made from renewable high-quality raw material with a fully traceable supply chain – see product guide for more on this win-win sourcing programme

Main action: moisturising softening, conditioning

  • Gives rich emolliency without viscosity, allowing for higher use concentrations
  • Adds softness and lubricity
  • Contributes anti-frizz properties
  • Improves hair feel

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