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The demand for more natural beauty products is on the rise. Get on trend by making nature the base of your consumer­‐friendly, eco­‐conscious formulas!


From East to West consumers are speaking up


Innovative COSMOS-compliant formulas


Exceptional COSMOS-certified ingredients

Eco‐friendly? Consumer­‐friendlier!


of US and UK consumers look for products with natural ingredients


of female consumers in China say that they “always check the ingredients of skincare products before buying them”


of Brazilians are attracted to purchasing from brands that are environmentally friendly


of Italian and Spanish consumers buy natural and organic personal care products because they believe they’re better for their health

Findings like these are representative of a global health trend that will drive the demand for natural/organic personal care products to over $13 billion by 2018. And although the definition of natural and organic can be somewhat ambiguous, consumers generally perceive these products as:

・Free from artificial additives・Sustainably produced・Better for the environment・Healthier for them

For great ideas on how to go “More natural”, check out our COSMOS‐compliant formulas below.

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Discover superior & sensuous COSMOS­‐compliant formulas

These Scandinavian-­inspired formulas are made with 95­‐97% natural ingredients. Try them yourself to feel the type of products you can create for eco­‐conscious consumers who still want to be pampered.

Moisture Rescue Eco-Conscious Body Cream

This delightful gel‐cream is formulated with a rapeseed‐based alternative to low­‐spreading mineral oil that features high oxidative stability. Easy to apply, the cream is quickly absorbed by the skin to replenish moisture and deliver softness without tackiness.

Key ingredient: Lipex Bassol C™
– a superb quality, transparent base oil with a neutral fragrance, ensuring a pure colour and clarity of scent in the end product.

Natural Glow Eco-­Conscious Face Polish

Using a sustainable alternative to petrolatum gels, this skin cleanser effectively dissolves and removes skin impurities. It also gently exfoliates the skin’s surface, stimulates microcirculation, and leaves the skin radiant and glowing, all while delivering super­‐nourishing plant based lipids.

Key ingredient: Akogel™
– a semi­‐solid vegetable gel used to create a smooth texture for a luxurious feel and to provide pleasant emolliency on the skin.

Winter Comfort Eco-­Conscious Hand Cream

Formulated with a rich, natural shea emollient base, this cream delivers softness and acts like a glove, sealing in moisture to rebalance and rehydrate the skin. Leaves even the driest hands looking and feeling soothed, softened and restored.

Key ingredient: Lipex SheaSoft™
– a unique shea butter ingredient that brings softening and sealing functionality while delivering sensorial elegance.

Functionality first. Naturally!

With our help, going “More natural” won’t mean “Less pleasurable”. These skilfully processed vegetable‐based emollients not only comply with the industry’s highest ecological standards, but they also match the sensorial and functional performance of conventional, odourless, colourless emollients.

Lipex Bassol C™

Base emollient made from expertly processed rapeseed oil and suitable for many types of skin care creams and lotions, as well as a good moisturiser in bath and body oils.

  • Superior oxidative stability compared to food grade canola oil
  • Releases no inflammatory free radicals when subjected to UV radiation
  • Long‐lasting lubricity to match low­‐spreading mineral oils
    ECOCERT and 100% CPAI
Oxidation development - Table

Lipex SheaSoft™

A multi‐functional, semi‐solid shea butter used as a base emollient in body butters, creams, lotions and anhydrous formulations.

  • Gives immediate moisturisation and skin barrier improvement
  • Recommended for all skin types, especially for treating dry skin
  • ECOCERT and 100% CPAI


A moisturising vegetable gel for body, face and hand products that is rapidly absorbed to impart a soft and velvety skin feel.

  • White and paste­‐like with neutral fragrance and outstanding oxidative stability
  • Good alternative to petrolatum gels, with lower occlusivity and less tackiness
  • ECOCERT and 100% CPAI

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