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As a formulator or manufacturer, you know that cosmetic innovation is not only about identifying entirely new sources, ingredients or formulations. It is also about finding new ways to use, improve or replace parts of them, inspired by evolving demands from consumers, society and regulators. A task more easily accomplished when working with a knowledgeable partner.

Natural ingredients with desired functionality

All AAK personal care ingredients are based on vegetable lipids, a good starting point for safe and sustainable formulations. As we also are the world leader in shea butter, we use this unique raw material as a base for many of our ingredients which are marketed under the Lipex brand. The benefits of shea in personal care products are well known and make it a popular raw material in many applications. To ensure top quality ingredients, AAK takes full control of the whole chain from product development to sourcing, manufacturing and quality control.

Our portfolio of naturally-derived emollients

At AAK Personal Care we develop high-performance, active, functional and natural based lipids for use in skin care, hair care, color cosmetics and other personal care products.


Our decades of experience within lipid technology have enabled us to develop advanced, high-performance naturally-derived emollients with high stability and long shelf life. We offer everything you need from Bioactive emollients and Emollient esters, to Texturizing oleogels, Versatile liquids, Performance oils and Beautiful butters.


The composition of the emollient and emulsifier you choose will always influence the viscosity, stability and skin feel of your cosmetic formulation.

Structuring Agents

Our structuring agents offer good crystallization behavior and a choice of melting profiles to help you achieve precisely the texture and consistency that consumers want from skin care and make-up products.

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