When it comes to protecting skin against environmental stress and premature ageing, our naturally-derived bioactives have proven very powerful. Even in small doses, these ingredients have demonstrated large benefits through excellent anti-inflammatory and collagen protecting properties.

Utilising the bioactivity of minor lipids

Our anti-ageing bioactives are scientifically developed to utilise the inherent bioactivity of the minor lipids found in sustainable sources of canola oil and shea butter. Using our soft processing and unique AAK patented fractionation technology, we have been able to develop and manufacture exceptional bioactive ingredients.
Our bioactives feature high concentrations of anti-oxidative natural tocopherols (Vitamin E), antiinflammatory phytosterols and their esters, as well as triterpene esters appreciated for their skin protecting and revitalising properties.

Well-documented functionality and skin tolerance

Lipex bioactives are well-characterised lipophilic ingredients for safe use within personal care applications. The lipophilic nature makes them readily bioavailable and highly functional, allowing low-use concentrations. Their good skin tolerance with documented non-irritancy and non-sensitising properties make them well suited for high-end facial skin care, sensitive skin and dermo-cosmetic applications. The high stability profile further allows for applications within caring colour cosmetics.
By including a natural based Lipex bioactive in your formulations, you can more easily meet the objective of well-protected and younger-looking skin.


Product INCI Description/Applications
Lipex SheaTris™ Butyrospermum Parkii Butter Extract Shea butter triterpene ester concentrate. Long-term protection against environmental stress. Protection against premature ageing. Triterpene ester content 50–65%. Skin care and make-up.
Lipex Cellect™ Phytosteryl Canola Glycerides Canola based phytosterol concentrate. Helps to supplement skin lipids. Protects against premature ageing. Phytosterol ester content 45%. Skin care and make-up.


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