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With Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we work holistically across all our supply chains to identify risks, find solutions, and make a positive difference.

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With Applied Lipid Expertise

We apply and share our technical knowledge and decades of experience to enhance the performance and efficacy of natural lipids and optimize their use in cosmetic formulations.

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With High-Performing Naturals

Our expertly processed plant-based ingredients offer unique features, advantages, and benefits to help overcome formulation challenges and meet new natural trends.

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All our ingredients are from renewable plant sources, and we are pioneers in ethical supply chains.

To us, that means sourcing raw materials in a sustainable, responsible manner with fair, transparent working conditions for those involved, taking into consideration environmental and social impacts.

Each raw material is carefully selected and expertly processed to create specialized ingredients that optimize the functionality and sensory appeal of many different types of cosmetic applications. So it's easy for you to choose the best and most natural fit for your formulation needs.


What's more, our expert team is always on hand to help you overcome technical challenges, meet new trends, and react to market demands. We are here for you.

Visit us at Stand J10, in-cosmetics LATAM, São Paulo, Brazil on 27th - 28th September 2023

Learn how to meet your scope 3 emissions targets with our climate-neutral shea, discover our advanced soft technologies that reduce bloom and crystallization, explore new formulation concepts, take a virtual reality trip to our Kolo Nafaso program in West Africa, and celebrate our 35th anniversary!

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