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Our AAK unique processing creates natural ingredients that perform just as well in cosmetic formulations as synthetic ones.

We recognize that natural doesn't always equate to good or effective, and not all plant-based oils offer the same performance and results. Some are highly sensitive to oxidation and have a limited shelf life during storage and within the finished product.

At AAK, we ensure that all of our plant-based emollients are expertly processed to obtain the exact chemical profile needed to optimize the efficacy, functionality, and sensory appeal of your final cosmetic formulations. And deliver a better, more pleasurable experience to the end user.


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What to remember when choosing naturals

Even ingredients with the same INCI name can represent various chemistries, depending on the plant's origin and how the material is processed and refined.

When sourcing vegetable oils for cosmetic use, always request a detailed composition breakdown and compare samples and chemical analyses before making a final choice.

Although specialty cosmetic grade plant oils carry a higher price tag, they can be more efficient long-term, negating the need for antioxidant stabilizers and other additives. As a result, not only is the raw material superior, but the final product is also safer and more stable, with good sensory properties and the functionality expected from cosmetics, such as improved skin condition and appearance.


And remember, if you need assistance selecting the right ingredients for your needs, our team of experts is always on hand. We offer customized training, technical assistance, and claims substantiation. But we don’t stop there. We can also help with the creative process, including inspiration, ideation, and implementation. We’re here to partner with you in exploring possibilities.


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