AAK is proud to announce that it has been recognized with a 2020 Sustainable Beauty Award and named a joint winner in the Sustainability Leadership Category. The award was shared with Lush and presented by the organizers, Ecovia Intelligence, via video link on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

“AAK is recognized for creating sustainable supply chains which create value for smallholders,” says Amarjit Sahota, Founder and President of Ecovia Intelligence and organizer of the Sustainable Beauty Awards, citing the Kolo Nafaso direct shea sourcing program as one notable example. “Well done, AAK, for your sustainable supply chains and sourcing programs across the globe.”

Ensuring responsible supply chains, minimizing environmental impact and offering value-adding sustainable solutions are all fundamental to the continued development and success of AAK. As a sustainable leader, the company aims to support customers and suppliers in sustainability best practices by sharing knowledge and experience in order to increase awareness and drive change.

“At AAK, we engage to transform,” explains Lisette Townsend, Global Business Development and Marketing Director, AAK Personal Care. “We work together with global cosmetic brands on improving traceability and monitoring and we offer practical help and guidance to customers starting out on their sustainability journey. It is not the easiest or quickest route, but small, tangible changes can achieve impactful, long-lasting results. The health and well-being of our planet and people is the responsibility of us all and we believe everyone can play a part in ensuring a better, more sustainable future.”

Full details of AAK sustainability objectives, projects and results can be found in the company’s annual Sustainability Report. For more information on AAK Personal Care’s portfolio of sustainably sourced, naturally derived ingredients, visit aakpersonalcare.com and follow on LinkedIn.

For further information, please contact:
Lisette Townsend, Global Business Development & Marketing Director,
AAK Personal Care Email: Lisette.townsend@aak.com. Tel no: +46 72-396 92 27


About the Sustainable Beauty Awards
Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the aim of the Sustainable Beauty Awards is to give recognition to operators who are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry. More information is available from www.sustainablebeautyawards.com

About AAK and AAK Personal Care
AAK develops and provides value-adding vegetable oil solutions in close collaboration with our customers, enabling them to achieve long-lasting business results. We do so through our in-depth lipid expertise, working with a range of raw materials and broad process capacities. Our Personal Care division is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainably-sourced, botanicallyderived emollients for the cosmetics industry. Our technologically advanced innovations open new opportunities for cosmetic formulators and help positively change perceptions and drive increased use of natural emollients.
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