Join our two sustainability presentations at in-cosmetics Global

April 16, 13:00 - 13:30: New sustainability legislation: navigating the minefield without compromising impact on the ground. Presented by Caroline Westerik-Sikking, AAK Director of Sustainability (pictured here) and Milena Stamova, AAK Global Sustainability Compliance & Reporting Manager.


New policies to increase transparency around sustainability reporting and mandate environmental, human rights, and forced labor investigations within global supply chains will profoundly shape how quickly and effectively the cosmetic industry can move to more sustainable practices. While there is no question that regulation is needed, ensuring compliance requires significant money, time, and effort from suppliers and manufacturers. This presentation will unpick some of the challenges these new requirements pose to managing the green transition, not least in the context of the local communities at the beginning of the supply chain.

April 17, 13:45 - 14:15: How well do you understand the risks, mitigations, and associated impacts within the shea supply chain? Presented by Caroline Westerik-Sikking, AAK Director of Sustainability.


Shea butter continues to be one of the most widely used emollients in cosmetic applications, with demand fueled by the growing consumer preference for beauty products and plant-based ingredients with eco-conscious and ethical values. But beyond the marketing soundbites, how well do cosmetic manufacturers truly understand the risks within the supply chain? This presentation takes a deep dive into the challenges and looks at solutions for improving local livelihoods and driving long-term impact.


Learn more about our AAK Kolo Nafaso direct sourcing program at our dedicated Sustainability Zone Pod and visit us on Stand 1S110 to learn more through our virtual reality experience. 


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