The AAK Personal Care team is delighted to announce that our Meringue Surprise Body Whip won third prize from a record number of submissions in this year’s Cosmetagora Formulation Competition. Organized by the French Society of Cosmetology and judged by leading industry experts, prizes are awarded for the most creative formulas in terms of concept and texture.

Our Meringue Surprise Body Whip is a super-nourishing skin softener with a sensory twist. Featuring Lipex SheaSoft, Lipex SheaLight and Lipex SheaTris, the unique whipped, malleable texture is achieved by adjusting the melting profiles to form a stable crystal network.  The aerated foam holds its shape and is rich and firm to the touch, melting to a light, airy texture when applied to the skin.  For formulation details, please contact

The prize-giving took place at the Cosmetagora Trade Show in Paris on 9th and 10th January 2018.  Picture shows Angelique Mazur, Sales Manager, AAK Personal Care, accepting the award from François Viot, Secretary of the French Society of cosmetics.