Emollients - Liquid butters

INCI NAME: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter

LIPEX® SheaLiquid TR™


A fully traceable, low-spreading, liquid butter, Lipex SheaLiquid TR can be used in formulations at higher levels than standard refined shea butter, without the risk of crystallization. It offers good stability and is suitable for low energy processing.


A controlled laboratory-scale trial showed that liquid shea saves up to 50% energy and takes 30% less time in production compared to solid shea butter.


The study compared hot processing of a body lotion made with 6% solid shea butter with low-temperature processing of the same formulation using 6% liquid shea. A sensory evaluation triangle test confirmed there were no significant differences between the two final formulations.

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Fact file

Appearance: slightly yellow, cloudy liquid
Unsaponifiables: 8%
Linoleic acid: 8–10%
Slip melting point: 16°C
Cloud point: 8
Recommended applications: all cosmetic applications
Typical use concentrations: 1–5% for skin care lotions and creams, 2–10% for lip care and lipsticks, 0.5–4% for hair care
Recommended partner products: LIPEX® SheaTris™, LIPEX® PreAct™, LIPEX® Bassol C™, LIPEX® SheaSolve™, LIPEX® L’sens™, LIPEX® SheaSoft TR™

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Features and benefits

  • Produced using only shea kernels from a segregated supply chain, fully traceable to the AAK Kolo Nafaso direct sourcing program in West Africa, Lipex SheaLiquid TR meets consumer demand for ingredients that positively contribute to social, economic, and environmental well-being.
  • Lipex SheaLiquid TR does not require heating in the manufacturing step, saving both time and energy compared to solid shea butter.
  • The triterpene content in the unsaponifiables and linoleic acid deliver skin moisturizing and soothing benefits.
  • The liquid, pumpable format means Lipex SheaLiquid TR can be incorporated easily into formulations.
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Study showing time and energy saving benefits

Graph 1 caption: Breakdown of energy consumption (kW/kg) in production stages –hot vs low temperature processing.


Graph 2 caption: Breakdown of processing times (minutes) for lotions made in
laboratory conditions – hot vs low temperature processing.

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Regulatory Documents
downloadAAK Allergen Statement
downloadAAK China Compliance Statement
downloadR0004 EU Cosmetic Regulation
downloadR0012 Regulatory Statement for AAK Ingredients.
downloadR0014 Turkey-KKDIK and SEA Statement
downloadR0015 AAK PC Products and TGA status
downloadR0016 NMPA Statement
downloadR0017 UK REACH Statements
downloadR002 REACH Statement
downloadStatement of Contaminants
downloadT0004-AAK Personal Care Position on Impurities
downloadT0008 General Statement
Product Data Sheet
downloadLipex SheaLiquid™ TR PDS
Safety Data Sheet
downloadLipex SheaLiquid™ TR SDS
downloadFood Safety Certificate. FSCC 2200
downloadHalal Certificate
downloadISO 16128 Statement
downloadKosher Certificate
downloadQuality Certificate. ISO 9001_2015
downloadT0010 Vegan Statement AAK
Other Documents
downloadAAK Statement Non GMO
downloadTSE/BSE statement

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