Redefine natural


It's what we do

Push the boundaries of possibilities through technologically advanced, sustainably-sourced natural emollients.

lt's what we challenge you to do

Use our value-adding solutions to develop innovative and superior quality formulations.

lt's what we can do together

Change perceptions of natural ingredients and their use by continuously delivering performance without compromise.


Our decades of experience within lipid technology have enabled us to develop advanced, high-performance naturally-derived emollients with excellent stability, long shelf-life and enhanced aesthetics.  Sustainably sourced from shea, canola, illipe, mango and more, each of our ingredients is expertly processed to obtain the exact chemical profile needed to optimise the efficacy, functionality and sensory appeal of your final formulations.


 Our team is always on hand for customised training, technical assistance and claims substantiation.   But we don’t stop there.  We can also help with all aspects of the creative process, including inspiration, ideation and implementation.

We’re here for you.

US: Vito Cataldo, Senior Manager, North America
China: Yuanyuan Ge, Sales Manager, China
Rest of the world: Jean-Baptiste l’Hôte, International Sales Director

Customer Innovation and Technical Support
Johanna Borné, Customer Innovation Director

Marketing and CSR:
Lisette Townsend, Global Director Business Development & Marketing