Better coconut sourcing

A natural fit for sustainable beauty

Coconut oil is renowned for its multi-tasking health and beauty benefits and has been used for centuries by women in South East Asia. It makes an excellent skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, and massage treatment for babies and children.

Coconut grows mainly in extensively managed plantations, and more than 90 percent of coconut farmers are smallholders. The coconut oil used in our Personal Care division comes exclusively from the Philippines and Indonesia, where harvesting does not use primates, making it an ideal choice for vegan beauty products.

Understanding our coconut supply base

AAK Personal Care is the first supplier to offer Rainforest Alliance segregated coconut oil to the beauty industry

Together with our partner, Proforest, we conducted a risk assessment of the AAK general coconut supply chain. The assessment identified priorities for responsible sourcing that included increasing traceability, improving farmer livelihoods, and rejuvenating the coconut industry.


In Personal Care, we offer two levels of traceability.  Our Akocare Coconut Oil™ is traceable to one mill and growing region in the Philippines.  Our Akocare Coconut RA SG™ is Rainforest Alliance certified from a segregated supply chain, traceable to farmer level in Indonesia.

Engaging with suppliers and smallholders

All our suppliers must adhere to a strict code of conduct covering business ethics, traceability, and labor rights.  In the Philippines, we have close contact with the mill and we continuously engage with suppliers to drive progress. 


In Indonesia, we engage directly with coconut farmers and work with our Rainforest Alliance partners to train on good agricultural practices.  Our direct supply chain is fully segregated and certified by the Rainforest Alliance.


The number of Rainforest Alliance certified farmers is growing significantly in line with demand.

Driving impact beyond our supply base

In November 2020, AAK joined the Sustainable Coconut Charter as a founding member. Initiated by USAID Green Invest Asia and Barry Callebaut, the focus of the charter is to define coconut sustainability and sustainability program goals. 


Our ambitions include improving supply chain traceability, preventing deforestation, distributing seedlings, and mitigating climate change. The rejuvenation of the coconut tree population is a risk and therefore a priority, and we plan to place 10,000 seedlings in nurseries by 2025.


Please contact us for information on how to engage in the Sustainable Coconut Charter


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