Better canola sourcing

An eco-friendly and sustainable choice

Canola is grown in crop rotation systems to improve soil fertility, prevent erosion and control pests. The stiff stems and thick canopy provide an ideal environment for a wide range of wildlife.

When in flower, the bright yellow blossoms provide an abundant food source for honeybees and other pollinators. And canola fields are often planted with buffer strips of wildflowers and shrubs to provide food and increase insect biodiversity outside the flowering season.


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Understanding our supply base and engaging with farmers

Our AAK Personal Care canola-based emollients are derived from non-GMO crops and traceable to Swedish farms.  We cooperate closely with local farmers and maintain control of the entire value chain.


We operate a zero-waste canola supply chain.  Firstly, farmers repurpose discarded stalks as fertilizer.  Then, after processing, we convert the solid parts of the seed into animal feed and sell screening residues from production for biogas, an environmentally friendly renewable energy source.

Measuring environmental impact

Any environmental sustainability concerns around canola oil are mitigated to a large extent by good agricultural practices supported by robust legal frameworks and incentive schemes. We use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to analyze the impact of our Swedish supply chain compared to other sources and other oil crops.  

Results of the Life Cycle Assessment

The LCA shows that
80-95% of greenhouse gas emissions come from cultivation methods and not transportation

Although our Swedish canola supply chain has a relatively low carbon footprint, we are taking steps to further decrease emissions by implementing a climate performance platform to engage our suppliers and customers in gathering and sharing emission data so we can simultaneously and jointly start building targeted emission reduction initiatives.


If you would like more details on the LCA and our climate performance platform, please get in touch directly.

We tailor our non-GMO Swedish canola oil for use in cosmetic applications

Our vegan-friendly canola-based emollients are rich in skin-replenishing fatty acids, skin-soothing phytosterols, and antioxidant tocopherols. As a result, they are the ideal choice for producing natural, clean beauty products.


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