Better sourcing

Our three-tiered approach

We work in the same holistic way across all our supply chains to identify risks and find solutions that protect biodiversity and ecosystems, improve smallholder livelihoods, and safeguard labor and human rights.

We connect on three levels – firstly by understanding the challenges faced, secondly by engaging with suppliers and smallholders, and thirdly by driving impact beyond our supply base.


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1. Understanding our supply base

Understanding our supply base is a critical first step in driving sustainability. At the core of our responsible sourcing activities is a risk assessment that helps identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for mitigation.


We want to understand who we are buying from (and who they are buying from), and we work closely with our sourcing and trading teams and suppliers to identify and prioritize the key issues and potential impact.

2. Engaging with suppliers and smallholders

A strong relationship with suppliers is integral to increasing raw material traceability and commitment to sustainable progress. In addition, we aim to empower smallholders to improve their livelihoods and well-being through collaboration and training.


All our suppliers must adhere to strict codes of conduct, and we monitor compliance and collaboration. We develop local training initiatives and workshops on identified topics, including good agricultural practices, health and safety, labor, and human rights.  

3. Driving impact beyond our supply base

Many of the sustainability issues are complex and require wider involvement at a regional or landscape level.  We work directly with stakeholders who are in the position to build understanding and drive positive change. 


Examples of our industry engagement include founder membership of the Global Shea Alliance, a founding member and a seat on the RSPO Board of Governors, and a signatory of the Sustainable Coconut Charter.

Sustainability achievements

We were awarded a 2023 Sustainable Beauty Award and named the winner in the Sustainability Pioneer Category. Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the award recognizes our work driving impact partnerships that unite diverse stakeholders to work towards common social and environmental goals within our supply chains and connect meaningfully to our overall purpose of making better happen. And it is a testament to the tremendous work our sustainability teams do worldwide. Making better happen for all






We have also been awarded a gold rating from EcoVadis. This collaborative platform enables companies to monitor the sustainable performance of their suppliers, including environment, labor practices, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement.





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