Our Kolo Nafaso mass balance model

Meeting demand for better sustainability

The continued growth of our Kolo Nafaso direct shea sourcing program and an established, responsible traditional supply chain has enabled us to offer both fully traceable and mass balance shea-based products to our Personal Care customers.

Kolo Nafaso operates as a segregated supply chain, and the products marked TR in our portfolio are fully traceable to the program.

Growing our Kolo Nafaso program

Empowering women, improving livelihoods, and securing the future through a mass balance model

Our mass balance model guarantees that the volume of shea kernels AAK as a company purchases from the Kolo Nafaso program equals the volume of shea kernels needed to produce all the Personal Care shea-based portfolio. 


Although it is not a guarantee that Kolo Nafaso kernels are present in any of the products, it is a guarantee that our Personal Care customers buying a mass balance shea-based product are supporting the growth of the program on the ground in West Africa without limiting supply chain requirements.

See how our Kolo Nafaso mass balance model works in practice


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