Shea technology

No one knows shea better

Shea is one of the most widely used natural emollients in skincare and is renowned for being kind to the skin and the planet. But not all shea-based emollients are created equal. Our portfolio of shea innovations offers you new opportunities for creating a wide range of natural, eco-conscious beauty products that deliver on performance.


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Pioneers in processing

Our highly specialized AAK technology optimizes the physical and sensory characteristics of shea butter to allow increased functional use across all cosmetic applications. Our range includes:


  • Specialty shea derivatives:
    • a bioactive emollient that harnesses the anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and skin protecting benefits of shea butter triterpenes
    • emollient esters
    • texturizing oleogel


  • Energy-saving liquid versions that eliminate crystallization and enable transparent, sprayable formulations


  • Solid and semi-solid forms offering high thermal stability, low odor, and improved color

Technologically advanced innovations with shea

LIPEX® SheaSolve™

A unique eco-designed liquid shea ester for a silky-soft feel in sun care, hair care, and skin care products. Suitable for cold processing. See more
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LIPEX® SheaLiquid TR™

This climate-neutral, fully traceable, low-spreading liquid butter is rich in unsaponifiables and linoleic acid and delivers high stability and moisturizing benefits. See more
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LIPEX® SheaClear™

This clear and low-spreading oil with moisturizing and conditioning benefits is ideal for creating translucent and transparent formulations. See more
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LIPEX® 205

Our versatile, low-spreading liquid shea butter is rich in unsaponifiable content and linoleic acid. It delivers high stability and moisturizing benefits to formulations. See more
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LIPEX® 102

Refined and deodorized solid shea butter with low color and odor. Suitable for use in low concentrations across a range of skin care formulations. See more
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Climate-neutral, high stability semi-solid shea butter with a superior crystallization profile. Suitable for use across a wide range of applications. See more
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LIPEX® SheaSoft TR™

This climate-neutral, fully traceable semi-solid shea butter has a creamy texture, slow-melting profile, rapid crystallization, and proven skin moisturizing benefits. See more
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LIPEX® L’sens™

This highly polar, semi-solid shea-based oleogel improves moisturizing, conditioning, and light-reflecting benefits in skin and hair care. See more
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LIPEX® SheaTris™

A shea butter triterpene ester concentrate shown to protect against environmental stress and premature skin aging. See more
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Making a difference

Our shea-based innovations offer new opportunities not only for you as a cosmetic formulator but also for the women in West Africa who rely on shea as a seasonal source of income.


Advancements in shea technology and increasing use in cosmetic formulations are helping to drive social, environmental, and economic development in West Africa. Together we can help build a better, more sustainable shea industry for the future.


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