Bringing clean, safe drinking water to Northern Ghana

Our partnership with Saha Global

More than 800,000 people in Northern Ghana lack access to clean, safe drinking water. The region experiences a tropical climate with long dry spells and heavy seasonal rains. People rely on rainwater collection ponds called dugouts, which can be heavily contaminated and put villagers at risk of waterborne diseases.

Saha Global is a non-profit organization that trains and supports women in Northern Ghana to connect their remote communities to simple, cost-effective water treatment technology, providing them with clean and safe drinking water.

How we work together

Our AAK partnership with Saha Global focuses on training the Kolo Nafaso women's groups in the region to start and sustain small water treatment units using cost-effective and locally available technology.  The women then sell clean drinking water to their communities for an affordable price, providing them with an extra income.


We started to support Saha Global in 2020 during the pandemic and contributed to their Emergency Water Fund (EWF).  Our ambition is to fund 15 new water businesses reaching 6,500 people by 2024/2025.


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